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How It Works
Step 1 - Get a Piece of Text
Lura's AI translates a portion of original English text to your native language and shows it to you.
Step 2 - Translate it Back
Your task is to translate the text back to English and write it down without mistakes.
Step 3 - Get Feedback
Lura's AI checks your translation and highlights all the mistakes you have made.
Build Your Unlimited Career Path
Get Promotion at Work
Write emails in English to your colleagues and management with confidence. Participate in English meetings, visit conferences, and meet your foreign partners like a native.
Join World-Known Companies
Exploit the opportunities of the remote work era. Be ready for tough job interviews in English-speaking companies. Be fluent communicating with your new colleagues.
Travel and Work World-Wide
Be part of amazing business trips, visit professional conferences in different countries. Easily move to English-speaking countries such as USA, Australia, Canada, or Europe for work.
Grow Your Business or Startup
Support and Engage Your Users
Sound professional when communicating with your customers. Use simple and straightforward language replying to questions in support tickets. Write content for your website, blog, or SMM.
Listen and Talk at Conferences
It's crucial for your business to be up-to-date with World's latest trends and events. Understand what people say in English up to every single word. Develop your speaking skills and start talking to your audience from a stage.
Hire the World's Best Employees
Once you get traction and your user base starts growing you'll need new stars in your company. Get prepared for job interviews with English-speaking candidates and lead them afterward to your company success.
Unleash Your Lilfe Opportunities
Live Where You Want
Eliminate your language dependency that doesn't allow your dreams to come true. English is the only international language you need to master to make your life truly bright and independent.
Find Your Foreign Friends or Spouse
Don't be closed within your country boundaries. There are millions of interesting people all over the World. Release your potential up to the highest degree.
Teach and Train Your Kids
Yes, LuraSense is not limited to adult or business topics. We understand how important it is to start learning English right from childhood. That's why we have something for your children as well.
LuraSense vs Alternatives
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Professional feedback
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